About Us

About us

Publius Angelini & Partners is an independent law firm with offices in Milan and Rome that has been able to extend the concept of assistance in the ever-changing areas of public and administrative law. Our success is based on the capability to intervene in any situation involving the public regulation of economic or financial activities, the exercise of public functions, services of general interest, and on behalf of all those industries that are either highly regulated or have constant working relationships with the public administration at large.

Our journey began in 2013 through the spin-off of a renowned law firm with offices in Milan and abroad. We then further consolidated our position on the market acting as the Milan’s branch of Prof. Gaetano Scoca’s law firm and now, we continue in our path of growth as an independent legal boutique.    

Our brand, Publius, is inspired both by the ius publicum, and by the pseudonym chosen by Hamilton, Madison and Jay to sign the Federalist Papers, still the primary source for the interpretation of the Constitution of the United States of America, a milestone of liberal constitutionalism.