Our services are synonymous with excellence and are distinguished by integrity, professional rigor and strategic vision.

Our vocation is to develop and implement legal strategies, technical-legal solutions for business and the public sector, as well as manage the legal risks of publicly held companies, financial institutions, listed companies, multinationals, large and medium-sized family businesses, operating in highly regulated sectors or sectors that perform services of general interest

  • providing assistance in complex financial transactions and commercial transactions in contexts characterized by the impact of public interests (Transactional)
  • resolving disputes concerning conflicts between private interests and public interests, between the public sphere and the private sphere and those concerning violations of fundamental principles, the Constitution or the EU Treaties (Litigation)
  • providing assistance in the conduct of complex economic activities in regulated industries (Regulatory)
Our approach is based on our in-depth knowledge of the administrative and regulatory peculiarities of our clients’ industries and businesses that allows us to help them managing complexity, seize market opportunities and drive transformation and strategic repositioning processes.